My name is Lynn.  I am the receptionist at Dynamic Catholic. I  just finished listening to Be Light for the second time. I am wondering if I can purchase about 20 copies of that CD.  I would love to include that in with Christmas gifts this year. What an inspirational story ! I loved it.
Lynn from Kentucky.

Like most men, I'm on a faith journey; I'm trying to get closer to Christ and to be a better husband, father, brother, friend.  Even with all of my good intentions, it's too easy for me to get consumed by the day to day stuff, problems that seem unique or insurmountable, and to turn inward, becoming almost completely self-absorbed.  When I get that way, it's helpful to listen to what other men are going through and to understand that my problems are not unique, not insurmountable, not even very big.  These CDs help me to get my focus back on Christ, where it belongs.
Andy, Overland Park, KS

I just finished listening to Mike Fischbach.  CD # 1.  WOW!  I am touched.  My husband died 6 years ago of dementia, and I wished I would have had this CD available to me then.  It would have made my journey, easier.  I am amazed on Mike's timeless wisdom.  He knows what I went through!!
Arlene from Illinois.

I listened to Be Light.  Then my wife listened.  Now our 9 year old daughter, Bentley, is enjoying it as we drive to school in the morning.  We love it!!  What a great story.  Very touching.  I am enjoying the conversation it stirs!!
Listener from Kansas

Thank you for sharing the men's Faith journey stories. It's uplifting to listen to stories about men who could be our neighbors, friends or brothers overcome great adversity. Their experience with receiving God's loving embrace provides great inspiration. The recordings and corresponding study guide questions have helped to open my eyes, ears and heart to the many mysteries of Faith that take place in our everyday lives.
Mark Lewandowski, Nebraska