About Us

WE are all at various stages of "OUR JOURNEY"  This ministry is to "feed the soul"

We ARE a complicated mix of MIND, BODY and SOUL.

You and I spend a lot of time, money, and effort on the mind and the body.  I invite you to take an over view look at your life.  We feed the body daily. Look at all the diet information and research available.  Rightly so, there is a LARGE movement towards nutrition.  We spend so much time on our career and the furthering of our mind.  Again, rightly so.  Our careers are the life blood of using God's talents to make a living.  Work and routine is good.  These Cd's are designed to make a difference.  Timeless stories that "feed the soul".  I invite you to listen, pray and reflect.  Where you listen is up to you.  The format of a CD invites you to listen while in your car.  With our busy lives, "alone time" is so infrequent.  I see the set a perfect gift for a "road trip".  

I invite you to become a "foot soldier".  Once you are touched, give the gift of touching others.

Our hope is to touch individuals "spiritual side", either one on one, or in a group setting.   

When I taught this class, I was amazed at the depth of discussion in a small group following the listening to the CD's.  The 60 or 90 minutes will fly by fast.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Thank you for listening to the stories.  Spread the word.

- Chuck Jansen