Why use CD’s as the medium?

People, especially men, are in their car a lot for work.  This is a simple, easy way to reach out to people in their car.  Hence, the phrase, “WINDSHIELD MINISTRY”.

How much are they?

$5 each if you buy 1, 2, or 3 physical CDs.  or $15 for a group of 4.  Yes, you can purchase multiples of the same CD.   Discounts available for churches, prayer groups and multiple orders. 

The hope is that you can take a class for under $20. 

Where can I get a study guide?

Go to the link Free Materials to down load the guides for each speaker.

Can I send a comment or question to an individual speaker? 

The speakers welcome your comments.  To protect their privacy, we do not give out personal contact information on them.  Each speaker checks his responses periodically.  They thank you for your comments and time.  See the tab under CONTACT US marked  EMAIL A SPEAKER.

Where do the profits go?

ALL profit goes to the charities designated by the speakers.  This is a ministry, not a business.  THANK YOU for any and all contributions.

Is FFTJ for one specific church? 

No.  We are for all believers of Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to be ecumenical.  Chuck Jansen, the president and founder, is a practicing Catholic.  His wife and 3 children will assure you, he is still practicing!!  We all have our own personal Journey of Faith.  Our hope is to touch many churches and faiths.  We welcome speakers and prayer groups from many walks of life.