I am a HUGE believer in the Holy Spirit.  Often, the forgotten and under utilized crucial part of the Trinity.

I have been blessed and graced to as long as I can remember, to have had a positive, very comfortable relationship with a loving God the Father.  I need to thank MANY people who help contributed, most notably, John Powell.SJ.  John was an amazing professor/lecturer at Loyola University in Chicago where I got a BA in Theology in the 70's.  The first time we met was magical, and we became very good friends as he became my coach, spiritual confidant, and advisor.  He got more requests to speak than Billy Graham, and that is a testimony to his style and influence.  When John spoke, he touched you.

It was only from my recent experience of being a spiritual director of 30 men that I really got introduced and co-conspired with the Holy Spirit. What a humbling, moving experience.  Those 30 men and I, with MUCH help from the Holy Spirit, had a very emotional, spiritual, bonding experience.  We were tight.  Real brothers.  None of the men will ever forget that experience.  We met every Sunday evening for 3 hours, with 90% plus attendance.  A parish priest once told me that people vote with their feet and wallet!!   Their "presence" spoke volumes.  Many "God moments". 


I was the 5 th of 7 children raised in Albers, Illinois, a small farming community 40 miles east of St Louis.  My parents were strict, but very beautiful examples of the Faith. I attended Mater Dei HS, and earned a BA of Theology, and a masters degree in Education at Loyola University in Chicago, with an emphasis in counseling, and many class's through the Institute Of Pastoral Studies. I taught High School religion for 12 years, and am presently making a living selling real estate at Keller Williams Diamond Partners .  Chuck and Diane  have been married since 1980, very active members of Ascension Catholic Church in Overland Park, Ks and have 3 grown children, Kevin, an actuary for Blue Cross in Jacksonville Florida, Brian, a lawyer in Dallas, and Catherine, a speech therapist in Dallas.  

It is out of that backdrop Faith for the Journey was born.  I have always been fascinated listening to people tell "their story".  Each one unique and different.  My prayer and hope is to create a "vehicle" in which the Holy Spirit can be alive, active, and influential to an audience that is crying to be touched.  What better place than the solitude of your car!!  Windshield Ministry was born!! So many people, (especially men) spend  precious hours in their vehicle.  It is that ALONE time, I hope to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can do whatever it deems needed to touch people's lives through these FASCINATING stories where people share their journeys.  Many people prefer not to come to "church activities", so my hope and goal is to bring "church" to them.

I thank my speakers for their ENORMOUS act of love.  What a gift to you and me as they let us sneak into their soul and lives.  We are graced to be part of their journey, and their sharing, is a critical part of THEIR journey.  A VERY powerful experience. 

Thanks for "voting" with your time and wallet.  I pray and hope that in your car, or small prayer groups, that you feel the "spirit and love" of the men who opened their hearts in FFTJ series 2013, and consequently, continue your journey to know the wisdom and love of Jesus Christ, and see the love of a giving, personal God the Father.  Enjoy.  The Holy Spirit will do His job.

With much gratitude,

Wherever you are at in your journey, 

Chuck Jansen